I`ve already purchased BLIND DATE 3D game a while ago and I would like to download it again but I`ve lost e-mail message I`ve received with my purchase.
We`re ready for that - just send Liam an e-mail: blinddate@lessonofpassion.com and give us your e-mail address you`ve used for the purchase. We`ll resend you all nesesery information. It`s not automated process so please be patient.

Images seems distorted or aren`t displayed as they should.
First, please update your video card drivers. If that solution won`t help, please try to use different resolution or image quality - both in the launcher menu and then during the game. Also please check our minimal system requirements - sometimes to small amount of available memory on your video card may cause problems with texture and models.

I can`t start the game or the game crashes.
Our game have been successfully tested on many various machines - both with high as well as low end configuration. So if this problem occurs it`s probably caused by your machine configuration. Try to close all unnecessary applications, restart your PC and scan it for potential spyware or viruses. Also be sure that you`ve updated drivers for your video card.

If after those steps problem still exist, please let us know about your experience: describe it as precise as possible and attach your machine specification

Game is working very slow.
Please try to start with a lower resolution settings, windowed mode or select LOW QUALITY from the in-game menu.

I got a new machine - how can I install my game again?
With your purchase confirmation you received download links - just download the game again and install it the same way as before.